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Bristol Aggie Hiring BA Grows Managers

March 2019, Bristol County Agricultural High School
Job Description: BA Grows Managers

BA Grows Program Supervisors reports directly to the Superintendent/Director

Bristol Aggie Grows is an innovative program where students are involved in every aspect of growing, harvesting, and selling crops, from starting seedlings to operating a small mobile farm stand on the Bristol Aggie campus.

1. Supervise student workers that work for BA Grows, including BA Grows garden and BA Grows Farm Stand
2. Help develop and maintain a yearly budget for the BA Grows Program
3. Create and manage student worker schedules, ordering of seed, fertilizer, equipment, supplemental produce etc.
4. Work 7-1 on half of the Saturdays through July and August
5. Work with plant science Dept Heads to include classes with BA Grows when possible
6. Assist with the marketing and promoting of BA Grows
7. Create and implement a planting plan
8. Weed control throughout the growing season
9. Irrigation management throughout the growing season
10. Harvest produce for Farm Stand
11. Track and record harvested amounts given to the cafeteria or other school-affiliated donations
12. Track and record all sales, revenues, and expenses in conjunction with the business office
13. Develop wholesale and retail pricing values for produce
14. Responsible for the overall upkeep and appearance of the garden, farm stand, equipment and hand tools belonging to BA Grows
15. Grow the Farm to Cafeteria program.

Please submit a cover letter identifying the position and your qualification. Closing date is March 20, 2019. This position will remain open until filled.

Information can be sent to:
Adele G. Sands, Superintendent/Director Bristol County Agricultural High School 135 Center Street
Dighton, MA 02715 Fax: (508) 669-4153

Bristol County Agricultural High School is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.