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A Visit to Chamberlain Farm & Pavilion

November 12, 2019

November 12th, 2019
By Jonathan Gray

For the last several years, Jacqui and Bob Chamberlain have donated about 50 pounds of peeled butternut squash to SEMAP’s Annual Agriculture & Food Conference. Usually, that squash is turned into a delicious butternut squash soup, which is one of my favorite parts of our conference lunch. This year I wanted to learn a bit more about Jacqui and Bob’s farm, other than just the fact that they grow some great squash, so in September I headed over to Chamberlain Farm & Pavilion for a tour with Jacqui.

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After successful start in Fairhaven, Bask is set to grow in Freetown

October 3, 2019
Bask Inc. CEO Chapman Dickerson standing beside a rendering of the company’s now-completed Freetown grow facility.

October 3, 2019

By: Andy Tomolonis

Chapman Dickerson has been waiting for moving day.

The 40-year-old CEO of Bask Inc. oversees a thriving cultivation business and medical marijuana dispensary tucked into a quiet industrial building in Fairhaven. And now, after roughly a year-and-a-half at the old Mass. Lottery offices on Pequod Road, Bask is expanding – shifting its cultivation and processing operations to a new site in Freetown, complete with state-of-the-art greenhouses and streamlined production facilities. The Fairhaven building will remain open as a dispensary, but all production work will move to Freetown.

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Four Acre Farm Reports on SEMAP TIE Grant-Funded Insulated Hive

April 15, 2019

Four Acre Farm Reports on SEMAP TIE Grant-Funded Insulated Hive

Four Acre Farm in Norfolk, MA was established in 2014. It is a small, yet growing farm dedicated to ethical, sustainable farming practices. Four Acre Farm recently released their report on an insulated Langstroth hive that they built using funding from a SEMAP TIE Grant. Download the full report at the link below.

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June Farm Spotlight: Medway Community Farm

June 15, 2018


Since 2009, The Town of Medway has been leasing out a small 7-acre parcel of farmland carved out between Winthrop Street and the Chicken Brook to the Medway Community Farm, a nonprofit enterprise that has much broader goals than simply growing high quality and nutritious vegetables. Over the years, what was originally a very small growing operation has blossomed into a true community resource, providing both food and education for the Medway community. Back in May, I stopped in at Medway Community Farm to see what all the buzz was about (pun intended, they have close to 20 beehives on site).

The Medway Community Farm stand at 50 Winthrop St.

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May Sustainable Spotlight – Gray’s Grist Mill

May 23, 2017

Back in March, SEMAP co-hosted a Statewide Grain Gathering at the Plimoth Grist Mill. We packed the mill with farmers, bakers, and millers to discuss a localized grain economy throughout the Commonwealth. While there, I spoke with George Whitley, the miller at Gray’s Grist Mill in Westport. He invited me to tour the mill and learn a little bit more about the history and what was currently happening where he was milling.

Gray's Grist Mill

Gray’s Grist Mill

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