Bristol Community College Announces Open Enrollment in Sustainable Ag. Courses

Sustainable Agriculture (AGR 114): The course is designed for small-scale organic farmers, landscapers, & serious gardeners. Novice gardeners & aspiring farmers are welcome! Topics include sustainable agriculture in our future world, soil chemistry & fertility, tillage, composting, green manures, cover crops, crop rotation, plant biology, and more. The course is offered as a 4 credit course that begins on Sept. 5 and meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, through December 21. Tuition waivers may be available for senior citizens (60+) and veterans. Enroll online at (under Course Search). More information: contact Dr. Jim Corven at

Organic Pest & Disease Management (AGR 123): The course is designed to benefit farmers, gardeners, nursery growers, landscapers, land managers, and community organizations. The course is a practical survey of principles and practices for identification and management of pests and diseases in SE Massachusetts and Rhode Island. An introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is included. The course is offered as a 2 credit college accredited course or may be taken as a noncredit (audit) course. The course will begin on September 11 and meet Mondays (6-9 pm) until Dec. 18. Online enrollment is available at (under Course Search). Senior citizens (60+) and veterans may be eligible for waiver of tuition. More information: contact Dr. Jim Corven (

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