November Farm Spotlight – Langwater Farm

The Town of Easton has a long agricultural heritage but on the fresher end of the spectrum the town can be proud of a relatively new kid on the block – Langwater Farms –owned by Kevin and Kate O’Dwyer. On a summer-lingering-into-fall day Kevin and Kate were gracious tour guides, describing the extent of their (ad)venture. Established in 2010 on the historic property owned by the Ames family, the O’Dwyers now farm additional acreage across town at another historic property, Wheaton Farm. Business and acreage have grown substantially in the almost six years they have been farming; starting with five acres in 2010, expanding quickly to 10 the next year, then to 26, and now over 50 acres are in food production and cover crops.



 The staff are busy with the last of the fall harvests. Cold storage facilities are filling up quickly. The farm has become an extended family operation with siblings following siblings into the fields and an experienced crew leading the way. Liz Nolan, Harvest Manager, was busy filling a wholesale order from a cooler full of winter squashes. Assistant Farm Manager Erika Rumbley was across town topping beets for storage with a crew of regulars, high school age and up. Farm workers staffed the farmstand ready to welcome customers and answer any question.



Langwater Farm produces amazing tomatoes and in their farmstand they have a row of trophies to prove it, but the diversity of fruits, vegetables and flowers ranges far beyond their prize-winning tomatoes. The farmstand shelves and bins are full to overflowing with a glorious assortment of vegetables: sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower and so much more. Across the growing season customers can purchase almost anything it is possible to grow in the region – from asparagus to zucchini. The large selection is proof to the number of varieties that can be grown in the region as well as the hard work, planning and thought that the O’Dwyers have put into the business.



In spite of its relative youth – Langwater Farms has a extensive presence in Easton, as well as the larger locavore community, with opportunities to purchase their certified-organic produce running the range of outlets. Langwater keeps its farmstand open six days a week and staffed with very knowledgeable and welcoming help; sells at local farmers markets year round, offers several community-supported-agriculture options and serves wholesale customers.



It is a tribute to the O’Dwyers hard work and sound planning to have built out a successful business in such a short period of time. Catch them open Tuesday through Sunday now through December, purchase a winter share from their CSA, or look for them at the Original Easton or Pawtucket winter farmers markets. Frazier fir Christmas trees will be available at the farmstand through the holiday season and while you’re there, stock up on your winter veggies.

Farmstand address: Langwater Farm 209 Washington (Route 138) Easton, MA


Phone: (508) 205-9665 to leave a message


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