Brix Bounty Farm Hiring

Field Crew & Assistant Manager Position(s)

Brix Bounty is seeking crew members for the 2017 season to complete their“core” farm team.  The Assistant Manager position will start early Spring (flexible start date in March or April) and will continue through Thanksgiving; with the potential for a second season including paid work through the wintertime months.

Field crew positions will start in May or June and continue through the end of Summer.

Duties include all aspects of commercial vegetable production, propagation house management, transplanting & seeding, cultivation, irrigation & fertility management, harvest, post-harvest & marketing work.  Relative to their scale, Brix Bounty is unusually non-mechanized, cultivation is primarily done with hoes, wheel hoes, & hand tools.  Their operation involves hand labor from planting, cultivating, to harvesting and applicants must be capable of labor intensive work weeks through the season.  Marketing tasks are relatively minimal for the crew.  They focus energy intensively on field work through the growing season.

Average 50-60 hours per week, a 5-day work week plus 1 weekend per month (see details below for more on schedule, farm responsibilities, etc.).  Remuneration includes monthly salary, vegetables, paid vacation time, mentorship, and an educational stipend.

The Assistant Manager position is suited for individuals with at least two-seasons of vegetable growing experience and those committed to a career in production agriculture.  No farming experience needed for Field Crew positions.   Their scale is intentionally focused on connecting with the land, growers seeking mechanized production techniques, intensive tractor work, and large harvest crews are best suited to seek out other options.  Crew members do best working independently and in small groups sharing a passion for hard work with an emphasis on fertility improvements and high quality production. A connection and interest in farming in Southeastern Massachusetts beyond tenure at Brix Bounty is preferred, but not required.

Must be able to routinely and repetitively lift 50 lbs. and carry out a wide range of farm duties with speed, skill, & agility, across a variety of field conditions.

To apply, send a letter of interest and relevant agricultural experience to Derek Christianson ( or 1 Seth Davis Way, Dartmouth, MA 02748.  Qualified candidates will be invited to interview and visit the farm.  Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

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