Bristol County Conservation District Seeking Board Members

The Bristol County Conservation District (BCCD) is a subdivision of state government and is responsible for the wise use and conservation of the County’s natural resources. Conservation districts identify and address natural resource concerns in local communities, and coordinate public and private resources to meet local needs on a grassroots level.

Bristol County Conservation District is managed by a seven-member volunteer Board of Supervisors who are elected, during an annual meeting, to 3-year terms on a rotating basis.  Any landowner or resident in Bristol County is eligible to serve on the board or as a non-voting Associate Member.

The mission of the District is to be an easily accessible hub and central resource, addressing soil and water resource management issues for Bristol County farmers and landowners, and partnering with federal, state and local natural resource agencies vested in providing technical and financial assistance and conservation education.

The District maintains strong partnerships with the USDA NRCS, MDAR, and other state and federal agencies to ensure Bristol County is well serviced in their program offerings.

The District works with SEMAP to plan the annual Agriculture & Food Conference, which is now going onto its 13th year, offering many workshops which help local farmers and landowners make the best use of their properties – including agricultural, environmental, and business planning workshops among other topics.

The District has offered a tree and shrub sale for many years, providing reasonably priced evergreen and deciduous seedlings, flowering shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, fruit trees, and native species suitable for reforestation, wildlife, pollinator, and beneficial insect habitat improvement and landscape ornamentation in partnership with Bristol Aggie students at their annual Spring Expo.

The District has also done workshops on mushroom culture, seed heat treatment, beneficial insect habitat evaluation and establishment, and cover cropping as part of the broader NRCS Soil Health initiative.

BCCD is currently seeking residents or landowners in Bristol County who may like to get involved with the District’s work, by serving on the District’s Board as a supervisor or alternate, or in any other support capacity. An understanding of the agricultural or land and water conservation needs for your community is essential to be a part of this organization. Those submitting interest forms should have a background in agriculture, conservation, or a related field.

Submit an interest form here.

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