Forest-Fed, Cranberry-Finished Pork!

Pigs at Spring Rain Farm
Pigs at Spring Rain Farm

Quarter, Half, and Whole Pig shares available from Spring Rain Farm in East Taunton

All shares include vacuum-packed, butchered cuts of:

  • Loin-end Pork Chops and Roast, Spare Ribs and Country Style Ribs
  • Plain-Ground, Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian Sausage
  • Fatback, Leaf Lard, Shoulder for Pulled Pork, Ham, and Bacon
[Liver, head, heart, hocks and trotters optional]

Each pig is a mix of several tasty rare heritage breeds raised in the meadows and forests overlooking our cranberry bogs, free to romp and root under a canopy of wildflowers, pine and oak.  In the fall, they are fed cranberries from our farm and other forage, such as apples and acorns. We will have farm field days in the fall for shareholders to see how the pigs are raised.

Fresh pork will be available for pick-up between mid-October and mid-November, and smoked cuts by mid-December. Sausage just in time for Thanksgiving, and Smoked Ham for Christmas!

Quarter-Share: $7/lb. $150 deposit.  Roughly 35 lbs of as wide a variety of cuts as possible. $95 owed on pick-up, Total=$245

Half-Share: $6.75/lb. $300 deposit.  Roughly  65 lbs of cuts butchered custom to your request. $138.75 owed on pick-up, Total=$438.75

Full Share: $6.50/lb. $600 deposit. Roughly 130 lbs of cuts butchered custom to your request. $245 owed on pick-up, Total=$845

Sign up by 7/1! Please reach out if you need time to complete the deposit.  We encourage splitting shares with friends to save money and get customized cuts!

Steps to sign up:

  1. Contact William for a registration form at 774-218-6416 or
  2. Send in your deposit via PayPal (account name same as email) or a check made out to “William N. McCaffrey” to:

692 Caswell Street

East Taunton, MA 02718

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