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Mike Shea’s Coffee
30 First St
(508) 807-5754
Freshness equals better tasting coffee. Using 100% Arabica beans is the foundation for premium quality. A great roast profile allows the unique taste integrity of each coffee bean to be delivered. That means, no under-or over-roasting! Add in our pride and passion, along with the roast to order policy… that’s why customers are calling Mike Shea’s their preferred coffee roaster. Find them in local grocery stores and online.

Sugar Hill Dairy
602 Pleasant St
508-697-4068 | hansonfarminc@verizon.net
Sugar Hill Dairy is located on Route 104 in Bridgewater as part of Hanson Farm!



Nilsa’s Herbal Teas & Botanicals
92 Allens Neck Rd
Etsy Shop
Nilsa Garcia-Rey restored and now maintains the herb garden at Round the Bend Farm, adding medicinal herbs and flowers that she dries and packages as herbal teas and seasonal tea blends in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. Nilsa also makes botanical oils, salves, and tinctures that she creates only from the herbs she grows without chemicals or pesticides. The farm provided a philosophical backdrop, physical space, and supportive environment for her to develop a unique small business that offers affordable and high quality medicinal herbs to the community. Nilsa sells her products at RTB’s Open Farm Day every third Saturday.


Simpson Spring
719 Washington St
(508) 238-4472
Simpson Spring is a family owned and operated company that provides pure bottled spring water and all-natural hand-mixed soda in a variety of classic flavors. Store with other locally and sustainably sourced foods and goods open year round, Monday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Self-serve spring water center is open 24 hours. Bottles and delivery service. Tours by appointment. Just call! Get your water from a local source.


Bask, Inc.
2 Pequod Rd
(774) 305-4749 | info@cometobask.com
Bask, Inc. is a locally owned, veteran, and women-led cannabis dispensary in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Using innovative greenhouse design, eco-friendly environmental controls, and sustainable growing practices, Bask cultivates some of the finest sun-grown cannabis in Massachusetts. Registered patients and adults 21+ can shop Bask’s extensive menu including flower, blunts, gummies, and chocolates.


Franklin Honey Company
1 Green St
(508) 507-9684 | franklinhoney3@gmail.com
Franklin Honey Company is a family-owned business that produces raw, unprocessed honey and beeswax products like soaps and lip balms. They tend hives in Franklin, Wrentham, Wareham, Carver, and more locations.


Sprig Pantry
25 Pine Hill Ln
(774) 488-9097 | kristi.marshall@comcast.net
Sprig is a unique collection of artisan specialty products, including savory, herb and pepper jellies, herbal teas, whole-leaf dried herbs and fruits, mulling spices, seasonings, and gourd work. The Sprig PANTRY carries locally-produced specialty products and difficult-to-source local foods.


Acorn Canning Company
1175 Ocean St
(781) 837-6959
Acorn Canning Company is a ‘made from scratch’ shop! Everything from pies, sandwiches, salads, soups, jam, jellies, and pickles. All made with fresh, local ingredients.

New Bedford

Fieldstone Kombucha
322 Smith Neck Rd
www.fieldstonekombuchaco.com | Facebook | Instagram
Fieldstone Kombucha is a New England craft kombucha company. We use the freshest ingredients to craft the best seasonal flavors. Our kombucha is less acidic, effervescent not carbonated, rooted in the local agricultural system and so much more enjoyable.


Honey I’m Home Bakery
(781) 336-7081 | honeyimhomebakery@gmail.com
Bakers of unique sweet and savory items. Using local eggs, cheese & produce. Offering fresh-baked breads, galettes, babka, muffins, granolas, scones, and more. Custom orders and catering available. Pretzel baguettes as featured on NPR. Healthy prepared foods include an array of hummuses, vegetarian spreads, and salads. Find them at area farmers’ markets. Also offering weekly, complementary, contact-free delivery.

Plimoth Grist Mill
6 Spring Ln
(508) 746-1622, ext. 8242
The Plimoth Grist Mill is a working mill that uses water power to mill organic corn into delicious, freshly ground cornmeal on 200 year old French Buhr millstones.  On days when they are milling corn, watch as the miller orchestrates the water wheel, gears, and stones to turn out delicious, fragrant cornmeal. Hear the corn cracking and feel the rumble as the waterwheel and gears work together to turn the 2500 pound runner stone. To check when they are milling corn, please call 508-746-1622 ext. 8242. Online ordering and delivery also available.

Speedwell Coffee
208 South Meadow Rd
(508) 503-1699
Speedwell Coffee is a wholesale coffee roaster based in Plymouth, MA. Their attention is relentlessly focused toward roasting exceptional coffee, providing high quality customer service, and helping our customers serve delicious coffee. If you are looking to open a new café or restaurant, or interested in serving Speedwell Coffee at your existing business, they’d would love to hear from you. Find them online and at local stores.

Wellness Croft, Inc.
208B South Meadow Rd
(774) 338-1767 | tim@wellnesscroft.com
www.wellnesscroft.com | Facebook
Wellness Croft, Inc. is a new, veteran owned, sustainable plant-based freeze-dried food producer in Plymouth, MA. Their innovative freeze-drying plant and eCommerce strategy provide a novel year-round and disruptive go to market model in support of Northeast farmers. Their mission is to support certified sustainable local producers such as; Eco®-certified, Fair-Trade, IPM and USDA Organic. Their facilities do not process the most common allergens: meat, nuts, dairy, eggs, or soy. They hand prepare delicious and healthful local produce in small batches, package and then ship thoughtfully with recycled materials.


Homestead Farm Market
115 Homestead Ave
(774) 259-6960 | Market@HomesteadFarmRehoboth.com
Farm-raised all-natural meats, local fruits, produce, and more!


The Ice Cream Barn
289 Locust St
(508) 567-6278 | info@theicecreambarn.com
All of their ice cream is made fresh on site using locally grown ingredients, including dairy from the farm. They are open for three full New England seasons, from the first day of Spring (March 20th) to the first day of Winter (December 20th).

Vineyard Haven

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt
(508) 560-3315 | downislandfarm@gmail.com
Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt production beds yield seasonal produce as a result of organic and regenerative methods. Their sea salt is 100% wild Atlantic, sun-dried salt plus blends they create using certified organic herbs and spices. Their salts are naturally gluten free. All but one (Blueberry Honey) are vegan. Order online!


Jim’s Organic Coffee
21 Patterson Brook Rd
(866) 546-7674
Jim’s Organic Coffee is organic, grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic coffee improves the ecosystem of the farms and surrounding communities through improved water quality, topsoil retention, and increased biodiversity. Jim’s Coffee is slowly hand roasted to deliver you a rich, full, and clean cup. Jim’s Organic Coffee is: Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International, Certified Kosher, Grown and Processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act 1990, Grown under shade canopy, AND from farms and farmers who are paid premiums to farm organically and thus treat their land, air and water tables with respect AND to sustain themselves and their communities and treat their land, air and water tables with respect.

West Bridgewater

Equal Exchange
50 United Dr
(774) 776-7400
Equal Exchange helps to create mutually beneficial relationships between small farmer cooperatives and North American consumers to develop more equitable, democratic and sustainable supply chains. You can buy our organic, fairly traded products in small cases and bulk and share them with family, friends, buying clubs, schools and workplaces. Join Equal Exchange’s citizen consumer movement to support our independent and just trade model and supply chains.


Birchstone Apothecary
Birchstone Apothecary is an artisan distiller of small batch hydrosols. Hydrosols are aromatic waters obtained via steam distillation of fresh plants. They contain water-soluble compounds and all the subtle yet profound healing properties of the plant. Hydrosols may be enjoyed as skincare, poured into a bath, in herbal mocktails, or added to your favorite glass of wine for a botanical spritzer. If you’ve ever used rose water, that’s a hydrosol! Birchstone makes their own rose water (the Beach Rose Hydrosol) with local roses that grow wild along the coast. Checkout their full line of wildcrafted & locally grown hydrosols on their website!

Olio Di Melli
11 Division Rd
(508) 636-8047
Olio di Melli provides organic olive oils and balsamic vinegars from small family farms in Italy.

Town Farm Tonics
764 Pine Hill Rd
The good folks at Town Farm Tonics believe that your health is in your hands, literally. Our towns, backyards, fields, and forests are full of the healing herbs within your mug of tea, your spoonful of syrup, or shot of vinegar. So, they invite you to make their tonics the foundation of your self-care practice, spoon by delicious spoon!


Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream
60 Bedford St
(781) 447-3889
Peaceful Meadows has come a long way from their humble start as a local dairy farm, raising cows and delivering milk to the local community. Since 1962 Peaceful Meadows has been serving up scoops of the freshest homemade ice-cream, in the freshest homemade way.  All of the ice cream that hits the freezers of their 3 Massachusetts locations is made right in Whitman, MA. Everything from the flavors to the freezing happens at the farm. Also located in Plymouth (170 Water St) and Middleboro (109 West Grove St).

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