Interested in an open web forum space to engage with local farmers?

Check out Northeast Ag Exchange, Eastern Massachusetts CRAFT, and Farm Commons. Consider joining email lists offered by Tufts University: COMFOOD and URBANAG are two relevant offerings.

Want to attend workshops with regional farmers?

You can learn new skills while connecting with farmer neighbors through the following organizations: Beginning Farmer Network of MA, Young Farmer Network, Urban Farming Institute, Eastern Massachusetts CRAFT, Greenhorns, Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG), and Farm Commons.

Looking for mentorship or referrals to established farmers and farm service providers?

SEMAP may be able to help match you with a local expert through our business assistance program. Other organizations may also be able to assist in this pairing, including Beginning Farmer Network of MA, USDA New Farmers, Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust (NEFOC), and Urban Farming Institute. Rhode Island farmers can request mediation for conflict arising in lease crafting, land transfer, loan servicing, and other agriculture-related issues through the Center for Mediation & Collaboration (CMCRI).

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