The Plowshare Seasonal Newsletter

Welcome to The Plowshare!

The Plowshare is SEMAP’s Seasonal Newsletter, published four times a year and designed to keep you up to date on SEMAP’s big projects throughout the year. While so much of our world has become digitized, we know many of our rural farmers struggle with rural broadband issues, and believe there is still a strong intrinsic value in holding a printed paper in your hands and reading off something other than our phones.

Each issue of The Plowshare contains a letter from our Executive Director, and four small articles, ranging from meeting the SEMAP team our a spotlight on our farmers, to our running Crops Corner feature and other updates on SEMAP programming. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, sign up here or reach out email

And be sure to check out previous issues here as well!


Winter 2023


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