Member Monday Spotlight: Moonrose Farm

After a Labor Day break, #MemberMonday is back this week. Come with us on a little trip to Rehoboth and Moonrose Farm!

Moonrose Farm began in 2016 when farmers Jordan and Melissa, after over a decade in the restaurant business, decided to change things up and pivot to agriculture. They wanted the opportunity to feed their community, while also spending more time outside with friends and family.

Seven years later, what started as a backyard family garden has grown into a seven acre operation. Moonrose offers a mix of products, growing delicious produce, raising hens for eggs, baking bread and pastries in their cottage kitchen, and more. With an 80 person CSA, a retail farm stand and an online store for the winter, Moonrose Farm offers everything you need all year round. “We feel grateful to live in this community where our commitment to growing organically is celebrated,” Jordan says. 

Conservation is a core piece of the mission of Moonrose Farm. In an effort to be strong stewards of the land and environment, they use minimal packaging and single-use plastic, and try to produce as little waste as possible. “Supporting small, diversified local farms means you are investing in the conservation of open spaces and habitat for native pollinators and birds,” Jordan explains.

Moonrose Farm isn’t just a place for great local food, however, as their flower operation is another key piece of their business, growing flowers for their CSA and for wedding and event designs. Local flowers and flower farms offer consumers many of the same benefits as local food and produce. As Jordan explains, “buying local flowers from farms like ours is a great way to reduce carbon emissions… Many of the flowers used in the US floral industry are imported from overseas and grown using lots of chemicals.”

Even with the fall approaching, there are still so many farm fresh foods and recipes for you to get through the season. Jordan’s favorite crop this time of year is a poblano pepper. She recommends using them to make chile relleno – roasted poblanos stuffed with cheese and fried then simmered in a tomato sauce.

Thank you to Jordan, Melissa, and the entire crew at Moonrose Farm for all of their tireless work bringing tasty, nutritious food to their neighbors. We are proud to call them members and to support them in all of their work!

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