TIE Awards

The Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP) is pleased to offer TIE Awards: an innovative program for farmers in Bristol, Plymouth, and Norfolk counties of Massachusetts.

SEMAP’s TIE (Technology, Innovation, and Excellence) Award program encourages local farmers to trial new equipment, implement new farm systems, and address challenges farmers in the region collectively face. The TIE Award is intended to lower the economic barriers to innovation, with grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 depending on the merits of the project.

Farmers are innovative – they come up with creative ideas for the problems they experience day-to-day on the farm. With TIE Award funding, SEMAP aims to enable our local farms to create solutions locally, and share the solutions with the region’s farming community to increase local knowledge, capacity, and resilience.

TIE Award Overview 2021-22

TIE Program application template – form 2021

Please email with any questions.

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