Interested in a one-on-one legal consultation?

Organizations that specialize in farm law include Farm Commons, Legal Food Hub, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTC-LDF), and Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF). Please note that consultations with an attorney through FTC-LDF and MFBF both require membership. Consultations through Legal Food Hub don’t require membership but may be more limited. Local Boards of Health and Chambers of Commerce can also be great resources.

Need to review existing food and agriculture policy?

Outlines and full texts of food and farmland policies are available at Legal Food Hub, USDA, and Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). Regulations related to cottage food sales are outlined by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Regulations related to agricultural labor are outlined by Farmworker Justice.

Want to advocate for food and agriculture policy that works for your farm business?

Organizations like National Young Farmers Coalition, Massachusetts Food System Collaborative, and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) frequently advocate for farmers’ interests at federal and state levels. Keep an eye out on our blog for policy advocacy that particularly affects farmers, fishers, and producers in Southeastern Massachusetts.


Note: If you feel you’ve been discriminated against by a government agency, you can complete a complaint form.

If you experienced this discrimination by a federal agency (USDA, FSA, or NRCS) please file this complaint form. If you experienced this discrimination by a state agency (EEA or MDAR) please find information here. If you would like support in filing a discrimination-related complaint, please email

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