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MDAR Community Mental Health & Wellness Trainings

January 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Recognizing, Responding, and Sharing Resources with Farmers, Staff and Partner Organizations

MDAR’s MassGrownWellness program will deliver a series of in-person and online training events for all Massachusetts agriculture community supporters, including all farmers, MDAR and professional staff and the partner organization advocates.

These 2-hour event will raise awareness of mental health and stress on farms by discussing the stressors unique to farmers and farm families and how these affect their mental health and well-being. We will identify the barriers farmers face when accessing resources and the methods to facilitate connection to available supports.

MDAR staff and partner organizations will learn how to collaborate with members of the farming community, recognize signs of stress and have the resources and tools to refer those in distress to available services.

We will explore ways to:

  • Recognize when a farmer or farm family is under stress.
  • Start conversations about emotional well-being.
  • Initiate strategies to connect people to support.
  • Practice self-care when you are experiencing stress.

De-escalation and active listening skills will be modeled and practiced. The strategies and methods presented are good tools for people who are not mental health professionals. The program will be culturally sensitive and inclusive providing information and resources available to all farmers in the Commonwealth.

There is no cost to participate, and everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive MDAR develop resources for themselves and others that may benefit. Attending this interactive discussion will help create and maintain an environment that promotes mental health well-being throughout the Massachusetts farming community and its allied partners.

Training sessions

​​​​​​In-person Sessions:

Farmer Focused Trainings

  • January 10 – MDAR Office, 30 Riverside Drive, Suite 202, Lakeville – Details here.
  • January 12 – MDAR Office 3 225 Turnpike Rd, 3rd floor, Southborough – Details here.
  • February 7 – MDAR Office, 138 Memorial Ave, W. Springfield (for GPS – 46 Century Way, W. Springfield) – Details here.
  • February 9 – Topsfield Fairgrounds, 207 Boston St, Topsfield – Details here.

Staff and Partner Organizations

  • January 9 – 10:00am – MDAR office, 30 Riverside Drive, Suite 202, Lakeville – Details here.
  • January 11 – 10:00am – MDAR Office 3 225 Turnpike Rd, 3rd floor, Southborough – Details here.
  • February 6 – MDAR Office, 138 Memorial Avenue, Suite 42, West Springfield (for GPS – 46 Century Way, Suite 42, West Springfield) – Details here.
  • February 8 – Topsfield Fairgrounds, 207 Boston St, Topsfield – Details here.

Virtual/Online Sessions for Farmers

Virtual/Online Sessions for Staff & Partner Organizations

Online Spanish Speakers Training Presentation – For Farmers, Staff & Partner Organizations

  • March 9 – 6:00pm


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