On Thursday, November 17th, SEMAP was joined by Land for Good, MDAR, Wildlands Trust, Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program, Legal Food Hub, and local lawyers to discuss succession planning, land sale & leasing, and determining which transfer option suits your needs.

With farmland seekers, we discussed best practices and approaches for finding, owning and maintaining land for first-time owners, conducting needs assessments, APR & conservation land allowable activities, entity formation, purchase or lease negotiations, and more. With farmland owners, we walked through succession planning, finding suitable matches, navigating complex family land transfer, keeping land protected and more.

View and share the resources below!

Introduction to Land Access for Farmers with Jae Silverman, Land for Good

Conservation Land as a Tool for Farmers with Taylor Arsenault & Delia Delongchamp, MDAR and Karen Grey, Wildlands Trust

Entity Formation & Incorporation with Rich Cavanaugh, Common Grow & Legal Food Hub

Partnerships and Conflict Mediation with Sara Barnes, Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program

Fundamentals of Transferring Owned Land with Jae Silverman, Land for Good

Selling APR & Conservation Land with Taylor Arsenault, MDAR

Wetlands Considerations for Farmers with Danielle Justo, Rich May

Partnerships and Conflict Mediation with Sara Barnes, Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program

Delia Delongchamp, Stewardship Planner, MDAR
Email: delia.delongchamp@mass.gov
Call: (617) 626-1737

Taylor Arsenault, Stewardship Planner, MDAR
Email: taylor.arsenault@mass.gov
Call: (617) 655-3870

Jae Silverman, MA Field Agent, Land for Good
Email: jae@landforgood.org
Call: (603) 357-1600

Karen Grey, Executive Director, Wildlands Trust
Email: kgrey@wildlandstrust.org
Call: (774) 343-5121 ext. 100

Sara Barnes, Executive Director and Lead Mediator, Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program
Email: sarabarnesmediation@gmail.com
Call: (508) 693-2999

Richard Cavanaugh, Founder & Attorney, Common Grow
Email: rich@commongrow.com
Call: (978) 724-3311

Danielle Justo, Attorney, Rich May Law
Email: djusto@richmaylaw.com
Call: (617) 556-3841

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