Farm to Institution


In late 2011 and through 2012 SEMAP piloted the Farm to Institution program, which began the comprehensive development of a wholesale market for local food in our region.  The pilot identified and addressed the issues of distribution, liability insurance and payment infrastructure through a partnership with FoodEx, a for-profit start-up.  We worked with a group of six farmers and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

2012 Pilot Outcomes:

  • Total Sales in 2012:  $73,828 worth of local produce sales to MA universities
  • Total Pounds of Produce Sold:  89,305 pounds
  • Participating Farms :  6 Southeastern MA farms, vetted by SEMAP, sold product to Chartwells through FoodEx
  • Expanded Foodshed:  3 of the participating farms increased their previous year’s acreage (a total of 13.75 acres) to specifically meet Chartwell’s demand
  • Increase in Production:  Estimated at 144,000 lbs of new product
  • Equipment Purchases:  2 farms purchased tractors (est. valued of $57,000+)
  • Jobs:  2 farms increased their labor to meet this demand.  Farm A added 4 part-time/seasonal positions; Farm B increased two part-time positions to full-time and year round status, and added 1 additional part-time/seasonal position.
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