Climate Smart Farming: An Online Course from Cornell


An online course from the Cornell Small Farms Program

Develop an action plan for your farm to stay one step ahead of climate change.

January 17th to February 21st, 2017, webinars Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:00 PM EST.

The earth’s climate is always in flux, but today’s rate of change is far beyond what previous generations of farmers have had to face. In this six-week online course, learn to identify the key impacts on your farm, and how to develop a plan of action to both increase resiliency to extreme temperature and precipitation events, or short term drought, as well as strategies to reduce your farm’s greenhouse gas footprint.

Participants will learn from climate experts, educators, and fellow farmers on ways they can proactively approach challenges such as drought, flooding, summer heat stress, changing seasons, freeze risk, and heightened pest and weed pressures.

These practices are not only good for climate preparedness, but also help farms increase their bottom line by building soil health, reducing stress on animals, increasing energy efficiency and efficiency of farm inputs, and protecting crop yields.

Join Allison Chatrchyan and Jonathan Lambert of the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions, along with a number of guest presenters, who offer a range of perspectives and useful solutions to an increasing challenge.

LIMITED OFFER: For the 2017 offering only, attend this course for just $50!

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