TIE Report: Equipment Impact on Oyster Growth

In 2022, SEMAP provided a TIE (Technology, Innovation, Education) Award to Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms to study the effects of different growing equipment on oyster production. Specifically, they investigated the impact equipment has on growth and parasitic infestation. For three months, the team at Cuttyhunk ran two concurrent tests. First, they planted American Oyster seed in four different apparatuses to see which one might encourage better growth of oysters. Second, they tested five different drying techniques, varying in duration and frequency, to study which methods might be best for preventing the parasite P. websteri in American Oysters.



The research was conducted by Cuttyhunk staff, with the help of Elsa Couvillon, an undergraduate student at UCLA studying molecular, cell and developmental biology. At the end of the study, she compiled a 10-page scientific report, which included graphs, images and other valuable data. Couvillon hopes to publish the paper through UCLA’s undergraduate journal. The abstract of the report is available below. The full report can be made available upon request.


The TIE Award Program encourages local farmers to trial non-traditional equipment, implement novel farm systems, and address challenges farmers in the region collectively face. The TIE Award is intended to lower the economic barriers to innovation, with awards ranging from $500 to $3,000 depending on the merits of the project. Applications for 2023 are open until February 1. If you have a project or idea you want to test on your agricultural or aquacultural production, apply now!

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