AD Makepeace Seeking Marketing Intern

The A.D. Makepeace Company Internship Program seeks to establish relationships with local schools, colleges and universities to provide students an opportunity to work for the organization providing useful assistance, to apply their classroom knowledge and develop professional skills.  A.D. Makepeace has designed this program to give students an opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience.

Internship Options

  • Cooperative employment is experience-based learning for high school students through paid employment in curriculum related work assignments. Students usually attend school full time one week and work full time one week.
  • Summer employment provides work experience for college students in positions related to their academic major over summer breaks.
  • Academic employment provides students work experience in positions related to their academic major while the student is actively enrolled in  classes and works whenever possible.


The company will not pay wages when a student is receiving course credit for their work. However all other internship opportunities are usually paid. The hourly rate is determined by the hiring manager and human resources.

Departments of Interest

• Office Administration • Real Estate Planning & Development • Event Planning • Agriculture & Horticulture Biology • Information Technology • Facilities Management • Earth/Environmental Science • Engineered Soils • Marketing • Social Media • Database Management  • Logistics • Finance/Accounting

Students are welcome to call Human Resources at 508-295-1000 to ask about any current opportunities.

More details can be found on the AD Makepeace website.

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