Bristol County Conservation District Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

Order forms are now available for the 2017 Bristol County Conservation District Tree & Shrub Sale. The district continues to expand its customary offerings of evergreens and deciduous trees for conservation, wildlife and Christmas trees. This year’s sale includes ‘Liberty’ a disease resistant apple plus elderberry, ideal for making jam and jelly and American hazelnut. Other popular items include a wonderful selection of flowering shrubs and perennials which are great additions for attracting pollinators, providing shelter and food for wildlife or for your edible landscape. The deadline for orders is Wed., March 22, 2017. Orders are placed in advance and pick up takes place at Bristol Agricultural High School’s Spring Expo on Sat., May 13th just in time for Mother’s Day.

To request a free brochure or for any additional information, feel free to contact Sue Guiducci at 508-990-2854 or 

The Bristol County Conservation District is a subdivision of state government and is responsible for the wise use and conservation of the County’s natural resources.”

Click here for order form.

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