An Important Message from the Mass. Aquaculture Association

Hi MAA Members and Industry People-

  • Our top legislative priority for this year is preserving funding that has been cut from DAR budget for our Aquaculture Centers which are crucial to the industry.
  • Please call your state senator TODAY and ask them to support Budget Amendment #802.  You can follow up with an email but a call is preferable.
  • The likelihood of this amendment passing is directly proportional to the number of calls these offices get.
  • “Showing up” at moments like these is something we have as an industry have struggled with in the past.  Lets mobilize and get this one done–we all benefit from the work SEMAC and the other centers do.
  • Note that we are calling senators only right now, house calls will be necessary if we are successful w the senate budget.

The Senate is currently putting together their budget for the next fiscal year. So far in the process, there are two budget amendments that are important to agriculture that are being considered. Debate and votes on amendments will being on Tuesday, May 23.

Please contact your state Senator and ask them to SUPPORT the amendments listed below. Please refer to the amendments by their number and title:

Budget Amendment # 802 – Massachusetts Aquaculture Centers, proposed by Senator Tarr

  • Aquaculture, particularly oyster production, is a rapidly growing in Massachusetts.
  • Three Massachusetts Aquaculture Centers (Southeast, Northeast, and Western MA) have been providing basic research and education to support this farming sector. They have provided vital services related to disease monitoring, food safety, and development of best management practices.
  • This budget amendment would provide $300k to the Aquaculture Centers to continue their support of aquaculture farmers and their customers

Thank you,

Chris Sherman

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