Specialty Crop Block Grant Program


MDAR is conducting a competitive bid process through a Request for Response (RFR) process to award an estimated $350,000.

MDAR’S Specialty Crop Block Grant Program has a two-phase application process. The first phase is the development of the SCBGP Application (“Form C”).

All applicants must complete, and submit the required application (Form C). Any other format will not be accepted, and the application will be deemed ineligible for funding.

The SCBGP application (form C) is due by April 14, 2017 by 4:30 pm.

The second phase is an in-person presentation of the applicant’s proposal. Applicants who are invited to the In-person proposal presentation must present their plans to an MDAR review panel and be able to answer questions regarding their proposal. Presentations should include a brief discussion of need for the project, and should further describe the project’s approach, deliverables, and specific measurable outcomes. Visual materials (e.g., PowerPoint slides) are allowed, but are not required. Presentations will be used to augment Form C and allow applicants to clarify questions in their Form C submissions.


Specialty Crops webpage: www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/agr/markets/specialty-crops.html  


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