Thank you to our donors!

Many thanks to our generous donors who contributed a total of $25,990 to SEMAP’s Annual Appeal! These generous gifts will greatly help us to continue our education and awareness in 2014 through our Annual Ag & Food Conference (March 22nd), the Twilight Grower Education Series, and the Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign.  We will also pilot the “Farm Advancement Program,” for farmers to apply for small grants for technical assistance, equipment, internships, website development, social media consulting, etc. Thank you again for all of your support and here’s to a successful 2014!

Our 2013 Annual Appeal Donors:

[one_half first]Joel Alvord
John Angley
Chris and Trish Arnold
David Barrett Barrett
Paul Bettencourt
Robyn Branco
David Brownell
John and Rebecca Buffington
Peter and Tia Bullard
Nancy Burkholder
Derek Christianson
Janine Chuckran
Doug & Cindy Crocker
Nancy Crosby
E. Otis Dyer
Michael Egan
Steven & Lyn Fors
Priscilla & Chip Gillespie
Benjamin & Susan Gilmore
Karl Glosl Jr
Rupert and Jennifer Grantham
Sue Guiducci
The Robertson Foundation
Cynthia Haskell
Melissa Haskell & Jeff Graber
Alexander Houtzager
Susie & Mike Humphrey
Tim Mahoney and Pam Donnelly [/one_half] [one_half]Chris Makepeace
Allen & Nancy Manley
Mary McBrady
Mark Boyer Barbara Millen
Trip Millikin
David and Joanna Pepe
Andy Pollock
Susan Rau
Julia Rawson
Laurie Robertson-Lorant
Mike & Meredith Rousseau
Robert Sanderson
Rachel Smith
Clay and Clara Stites
Dorothy Suput
Lucy Tabit
Edwin Tiffany
Tracy Lazos & Andrew  Warby
Steven Ward
Anna Whitcomb
Elizabeth White
Martha Yules
Peter & Heather Zine
Mary Morley Crapo Hyde Eccles Fund
Blair Agency Inc
Upstream Foundation
Travessia Winery
Mayflower Cranberries LLC[/one_half]

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