Potter Hill Farm in Grafton Seeking Partner / Livestock Manager

February 3, 2019

Potter Hill Farm, Grafton, MA

We have historically grazed animals on the roughly 40 acres of pasture, but I currently only use an acre or so for certified organic vegetables. The farm is owned by the Grafton Land Trust with a very favorable 5 year lease. At the end of a mile-long dead end hill, with views of Worcester and Mt Wachusett, the farm is a special place to work. I stopped raising beef and pork after our first child was born. Since our second was born this fall, I’ve ruled out getting back into meat in the foreseeable future as my wife works full-time off the farm. I did have 80 layers this season, but I am happy to pass the torch on eggs too if desired.

I would ideally like to find a motivated partner who would create their own value via raising animals here, but would also consider hiring a livestock manager as an employee. Either way, livestock experience is necessary for this position. I have a water line laid out to each field, and plenty of electric fencing and chargers. We do have an open barn that has been used to overwinter 6 beef animals and layers, but feeder beef, pigs, or chickens that don’t need to overwinter are a better fit without improvements to the barn. This would be a great opportunity to strike out on your own for someone who has been managing livestock for a couple years.

There is a strong unmet demand for local meat and eggs in our area, especially among my CSA customers (40) and at the Grafton Farmers Market, which doesn’t have a meat vendor.

On-farm housing is not currently available but there’s a possibility of it in the future. Grafton is a quiet town, but we’re only 10 minutes from Worcester. Please reply to paul@potterhillfarm.com with any questions or if you would like to see the farm. View our website here.

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