Cultivating Viable Farms and Food Enterprises with The Carrot Project

For over ten years, The Carrot Project has worked with start-up farms and food producers throughout New England to help them build the business skills vital to running successful farm enterprises. Our clients are small farmers grossing less than 500K in profits per year, and food and agriculture businesses that source their products locally. We want to see the local food businesses in our community thriving 5, 10, and 50 years from now. That’s why, since our founding, we have supported food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses towards profitability.

We offer a variety of programs, from webinars and one-on-one coaching to a loan program. To be eligible for one-on-one coaching, we ask that farmers have acquired land, are in the process of evaluating a lease, and/or be within one year of opening their business. For our advising program, we pair qualified candidates with a Carrot Project staff person or partnering consultant. From there, we are ready to create a program that is tailored to our client’s needs, whether that be assistance with financial planning, cash flow analysis, navigating Quickbooks, or applying for a loan. Many entrepreneurs choose to participate in our webinars, where we offer resources on topics like cash flow budgeting, scenario planning and enterprise budgeting. You can find more information about our webinars and other resources on our website.

At The Carrot Project, we are committed to continuing to support local farm entrepreneurs by addressing the financial and business management gaps that prevent them from achieving economic viability. We are proud to partner with organizations like SEMAP who are working to build a strong local food system. We are excited to continue working with our local agriculture community to make our collective vision of a thriving local food sector in Massachusetts a reality.

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